Grow Your Business Revenue By 15-25%
TapAlly referral automation app generates sales, market your products/service & engage your customers. Sign up today to see it in action!
Is my network shared by anyone else? Can anybody see my network?
TapAlly builds only safe, secure & private network of yours. Nobody can see your network, unless & until you show physically your phone to anybody. It is absolutely safe to build your network. Unlike Facebook or other social media, even your friends or your network people will not able to see your network.
What are benefits of doing marketing in own network?
TapAlly generates referrals from your network & networks of your customers, friends, and business associates without looking into their networks. Your customers/friends act as a bridge between you and their networks.
i) Get Referrals (business) from friends/customers network, keeping security & privacy intact. Nobody can see and share anybody’s network. It’s the beauty of this app.
ii) You will be in continuous touch with your network (of customers & friends), every day.
iii) Instead of sending emails (high bounce rate & low open rate) or text messages weekly/monthly.
iv) People come on the app with business sense and looking for their work/job/need to get done.
v) People use app who want to make extra money (by just sharing referrals).
Subscription Fee - $30/month is too high.
$30/month will also be waived (see below how) and also it's a very small amount to increase your business revenue, increase market exposure & to do branding of your business.

3 income streams for everyone (see worth of your $30/month)
These $30 will be waived when 5 businesses joined in your network.
Also, you will start making extra money when:

i). When more than 5 businesses joined in your network
ii). You earn money when you exchange referrals in your network
iii). Above all, you will start getting referrals for your business, which valued most.
I can’t put efforts to invite people.
If you can’t put efforts in your business then your business will not grow. For every minute growth in your business, there is a need for efforts.
Here in TapAlly, your small efforts will give you abundant growth. Once your network is built and your database is intact then referrals (sales) will be generated automatically with ease.
Why should I invite all my contacts in this group/network, when I can make group in Whatsapp?
Whatsapp is good to make groups even business groups. Whatsapp is not designed from a business point of view, its only social platform. Whatsapp will not able to do the following:
i) Automatic generate Referrals from your network & other’s networks
ii) Ease of exchange of Referrals/References/Recommendations.
iii) Keep track of Referrals.
iv) Keep track of Referral Incentives (Money exchange)
v) Co-branding to your network
vi) Mass Marketing to your network & sharing to other’s networks.
Is there any limit of marketing campaigns, customers or anything ?
We believe that your business growth should not be restricted in any way and we are here to make sure you get the value of the app in full. We absolutely do no impose any limit of customers, marketing campaigns in any way. Sky is the only limit
How secure is my data ?
At TapAlly we take your security very seriously. We are proudly hosted on Google Cloud and Digital Ocean, one of the most respected and secure cloud hosting solutions on the market. All of our products are regularly audited by professionals. Our servers are regularly investigated for any trace of suspicious activity and our infrastructure is regularly scanned for any vulnerability. You are in safe hands
What are support options
Our mission is fully focused on providing exceptional and elevated customer service to plan holder. We will get back to within 24 to 48 hours but generally, we contact you back much faster. If you have any question or query simply reach to us and we will be glad to help you out as much as we can
What permissions my app would require from me ?
TapAlly app would require permission to fetch your clients to make your contact list meaningful. It will make it easier for you to create meaningful network which is an asset for your business growth. Download the app today and try it yourself