How TapAlly Works

Signup today at TapAlly as consumer or as business. Then you will have access to personal TapAlly dashboard.

Consumers will: Find trusted professionals through trusted Referrals, Earn money through Referral Incentives, Save Money through deals/discounts & Build relations.

Businesses will: Get Referrals & Build relations.


Sample TapAlly Dashboard below: Click to enlarge it.



6 Tabs on top of TapAlly dashboard includes:

  1. Home
  2. Compose Message (Mass Marketing – available for Busiensses ONLY)
  3. Send Invites
  4. Return to Website
  5. Notifications
  6. Profile (Edit Profile, Settings, Subscription Plans & Logout)

Mass Marketing is a tool for businesses (ONLY) to promote their deals, discounts, updates, etc. to their customers, friends & business associates in My Private Network and also to other people in huge TapAlly Network.


5 Buttons in Top Row

  1. Money Earned by You: This is total money earned by you through Referral Incentives
  2. TapAlly Network: This is huge TapAlly Network of businesses & consumers who will exchange Referrals with you.
  3. My Private Network:
    NOBODYELSE, Only YOU can see this network. This is your own private & secured network grows automatically:
    i. If anyone send you referrals from TapAlly Network
    ii. If you send referral to anyone in TapAlly Network
    iii. You can send Friend Request to anyone in TapAlly Network
    iv. You can invite your friends &/or customers to join; through “Send Invite”
    v. Add your customers database
  4. Referrals Received: These are Referrals received (for you) for posted jobs; sent by your friends, customers or business associates.
  5. Jobs Posted: Consumers/Businesses post jobs when they are looking for trusted businesses in their own My Private Network or TapAlly Network.


TapAlly dashboard had 3 columns: 

Left Column – Gives whole information about user i.e. Profile, personal QR Code, My Posted Jobs & Referrals sent (by user).

Center Column – This is main section for both Consumers & Businesses.

Consumers posts requirements for professionals/businesses, whom they are looking.

Businesses posts deals/discount/updates/listings in My private Network in this section.

Right Column – In this section, Businesses posts deals/discount/updates/listings in TapAlly Network.

Profile Information:
– Profile Picture
– Referral Incentive by you
(For business accounts only)
– QR code to share


My Posted Jobs:
These are jobs posted by you
in “ I Need Today “ for any professional service or product you want.
You can see Suggested Referrals here for all your Jobs posted.


Referrals sent:
These are track records of all Referrals sent by you

  • For any job posted whether in My Private Network or in TapAlly Network.
  • To friends/business associates directly either in My Private Network or in TapAlly network.
  • This will also help you to calculate total Referral Incentives earned by you.

I Need Today:

(Important section for everyone)

In this section, you will post your job with requirements i.e. if you are looking for trusted professional for any service.

You have choice that you can post your Job in My Private Network or TapAlly Network, so that you will get Referrals accordingly.

Once you post job then you can see all jobs posted by you in section “My Posted Jobs”, where you will start receiving referrals in “Suggested Referrals”.


My Private Network updates:
These are updates/deals/discounts/offers/listing posted by your own/local/neighbourhood businesses.

TapAlly Network updates:

These are updates/deals/discounts/offers/listing posted by TapAlly Network businesses. Here, it is opportunity to build new relations.


Check Video below for more clarity: Exchange Referrals & Grow


For more information:

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